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​All Prices are "out the door" cash prices & include installation.

Size                    Price for 4 tires & Brand

P175/70R13           $199.98       West Lake
P185/65R14           $199.98       West Lake
P195/60R15           $224.99       West Lake
P195/65R15           $224.99       West Lake
P205/65R15           $249.99       West Lake
P205/70R15           $249.99       West Lake
P215/70R15           $274.99       West Lake
P235/75R15           $300.00       West Lake

​P235/75R15           $359.34        Goodyear

LT31x10.50R15     $450.00       West Lake

P205/55R16           $249.99       West Lake
P205/60R16           $274.99       West Lake
P215/60R16           $274.99       West Lake
P225/60R16           $274.99       West Lake
P205/50R17           $300.00       West Lake
P215/45R17           $300.00       West Lake
P215/50R17           $274.99       West Lake
P215/55R17           $325.00       West Lake
P215/60R17           $325.00       West Lake
P225/55R17           $325.00       West Lake
P225/60R17           $350.00                Doral
P225/65R17           $325.00       West Lake

        Prices valid while supplies last.

 Prices are for sets of 4 only. Thank you.

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If you don't see your size listed above, just give us a call and we will find you the best price in your size. Thanks!

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